Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How can you ban something with such a cool name?

Sorry I haven't posted anything in so long guys! There's been so much going on lately. Thanksgiving break is going by SUPER slow. Normally that would be okay but I'm stuck in Matagorda, Texas with my family. Never heard of it? Not surprised. It's a bum-f*ck little fishing town full of retirees and mosquitoes. I already finished my book, and there isn't a single movie here worth watching. So I was trying to come up with something to do aaaaand I realized how long its been since I've posted anything on here! So here I am, returning to your waiting minds. Do I have anything you'll find interesting? Maybe something that will inspire you and change your perspective on life? Probably not.
I realized alot of titles for these things come from my good friend Sarah (facebook) who needs a new profile picture. Jk Sarah, I <3 you.
I need a job! Im sick of being broke. I want to pay back the people I owe money to, I need a new phone, and I miss being able to spoil Summer. Plus there are a few goodies for myself I've had my eye on. Like I blew out my speakers in my truck, and my CD player doesnt work. So Im looking to put a new system in it. Only problem? NOONE IS HIRING! Seriously, there are more people than there are jobs. I keep putting in applications and the lack of responces is pissing me off. Plus I really don't want to work in fast food, which cuts out an entire industry. I'll grit my teeth and do it if i need to, but I'm really hoping I won't.
Uhmm.... I have to write a paper some time this week. I'll probably do it Sunday night. I also need to write and bounce my story back to Kelsey at some point. Idk when that'll happen.
Oh well, just a quick update. Give me some feedback, tell me what's up. If you're reading this click the pretty little follow button, its over here somewhere ------------->