Wednesday, November 10, 2010

If it means a lot to you

Hello everyone,
This is a formal introduction to this post. I'd like to speak with you about several topics that have been on my mind lately (meaning this morning). My mind has been focused on a million things that have nothing to do with Pre Cal or Texas Government.
FIRST issue. As you all know, I recently got an industral piercing. I just spent like 10 minutes walking around the school looking for something to cover it with because its against school rules for males to have earrings. Question, WHY? No one can give me a logical answer. Every teacher That has ever gotten on to me about piercings has said "I don't care if you have piercings, but it's against the rules. If I let you keep it in then I have to let every guy keep their earrings in." I don't understand why this would be a problem. Teachers getting males with earrings in trouble is more disruptive than them having the earring in the first place. It's a statutory rule, "It's wrong because the rule says it's wrong." There's no other reason for it. It's an out of date principle that needs to be changed.
Ok, sorry for the rant. On to other topics.
It's going to be a long time until I can get a new one because I live with my grandmother, and if I end up with a new tattoo I stop getting supported by her. Meaning I'll still have a place to live, but food, gas, and all other expences are my own responcibility to deal with. That doesn't stop me from spending HOURS brousing tattoo pictures online, designing my own tattoos, deciding what would look good where on me. I cannot wait to get inked up. I currently have roughly eight tattos that I want, six of which are for sure, two are tentative. At the moment I only have one, which is actually getting covered up later. So I might as well not even have it.
Im bouncing around alot today. Bear with me here, my minds in a million places like I said before.
What Im listening to today: Alien Ant Farm's cover of Smooth Criminal by Micheal Jackson.
What I'm worring about: My stoner friends, there's a drug dog in the school parking lot.
Plans today: Buy Lil' Wayne's new album I Am Not A Human Being and go to College Night in Henderson.

Ok this has gotten a little long. I'll leave you guys with this:

An awesome album. I want to get the Deathbat on the cover tattooed on my back.
- Sparky