Saturday, December 11, 2010

Im in a bad enough mood to make a Happy Meal cry.

Do not FUCKING TOUCH my stuff.
I don't care if you think I'm messy or unorganized. There is method to my madness. I don't have fit into your little fucking bubble of neatness, I'm not your husband and I'm not your son. I HAD AN ORDER. There was a place for everything and I knew where it all was. It seemed chaotic to you, but I LIKE my chaos. So STAY THE FUCK OUT OF IT. I don't even mind that you wanted it a little neater. I understand that you were following up on your threat in order to "Teach me a lesson." But First of all, It wasn't gross or dirty, just unorganized. THAT'S HOW I FUCKING ROLL. Second, there are a few COMMON FUCKING SENSE things I'd like to point out. Such as:
If the fucking FISH FOOD is next to the fucking FISH TANK, LEAVE IT THERE!
If the coins are meticulously sorted into dollars, by value, and seperated from one another, LEAVE THEM THERE!
If I have silly decorations like a traffic cone in the corner, LEAVE IT THERE!
If there's a book that I'm OBVIOUSLY reading on my bed, LEAVE IT THERE!
If ALL my dirty clothes are in a pile in the corner waiting to be washed, don't make that job more tedious than it is. LEAVE THEM THERE!
Don't put the WET FUCKING BOX on the bed that I have to SLEEP IN!
If I have my wrist bands, rings, and necklaces together in one spot, don't you think that might be WHERE THEY FUCKING GO?!
There's so much more I could bitch about. You fucking DESTROYED my dis-organized organization. And just so you know, I put everything back where it belonged anyway. All you managed to do was ruin a couple boxes and find some trash that I didn't notice.
I do have to mention one more thing. This one almost put me over the edge because it showed a COMPLETE disreguard for my things and what you were doing with them (Second only to puting my Video Camera in the WET FUCKING BOX). I had a bunch of little green sticky notes that my best friend had hidden throughout the books she gave me for my birthday. I'll admit they were silly, saying sweet things like "Happy Birthday" "I miss you" and "You're awesome". But despite the sillyness they were an amazing gesture and it made my day every time I came across one. I had every single one saved on my dresser. And guess where they wound up? You got it: The wet FUCKING box. Ruined all of them. That's why you're getting a big FUCK YOU for christmas, you bimbo.

Sorry about all that, and please excuse the language. I had to vent.
I'll probably put up a happier post soon, I want to tell you all about my puppy Chronic and what I've been up to lately. Thanks for dealing with my rant, I love you guys.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How can you ban something with such a cool name?

Sorry I haven't posted anything in so long guys! There's been so much going on lately. Thanksgiving break is going by SUPER slow. Normally that would be okay but I'm stuck in Matagorda, Texas with my family. Never heard of it? Not surprised. It's a bum-f*ck little fishing town full of retirees and mosquitoes. I already finished my book, and there isn't a single movie here worth watching. So I was trying to come up with something to do aaaaand I realized how long its been since I've posted anything on here! So here I am, returning to your waiting minds. Do I have anything you'll find interesting? Maybe something that will inspire you and change your perspective on life? Probably not.
I realized alot of titles for these things come from my good friend Sarah (facebook) who needs a new profile picture. Jk Sarah, I <3 you.
I need a job! Im sick of being broke. I want to pay back the people I owe money to, I need a new phone, and I miss being able to spoil Summer. Plus there are a few goodies for myself I've had my eye on. Like I blew out my speakers in my truck, and my CD player doesnt work. So Im looking to put a new system in it. Only problem? NOONE IS HIRING! Seriously, there are more people than there are jobs. I keep putting in applications and the lack of responces is pissing me off. Plus I really don't want to work in fast food, which cuts out an entire industry. I'll grit my teeth and do it if i need to, but I'm really hoping I won't.
Uhmm.... I have to write a paper some time this week. I'll probably do it Sunday night. I also need to write and bounce my story back to Kelsey at some point. Idk when that'll happen.
Oh well, just a quick update. Give me some feedback, tell me what's up. If you're reading this click the pretty little follow button, its over here somewhere ------------->

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

If it means a lot to you

Hello everyone,
This is a formal introduction to this post. I'd like to speak with you about several topics that have been on my mind lately (meaning this morning). My mind has been focused on a million things that have nothing to do with Pre Cal or Texas Government.
FIRST issue. As you all know, I recently got an industral piercing. I just spent like 10 minutes walking around the school looking for something to cover it with because its against school rules for males to have earrings. Question, WHY? No one can give me a logical answer. Every teacher That has ever gotten on to me about piercings has said "I don't care if you have piercings, but it's against the rules. If I let you keep it in then I have to let every guy keep their earrings in." I don't understand why this would be a problem. Teachers getting males with earrings in trouble is more disruptive than them having the earring in the first place. It's a statutory rule, "It's wrong because the rule says it's wrong." There's no other reason for it. It's an out of date principle that needs to be changed.
Ok, sorry for the rant. On to other topics.
It's going to be a long time until I can get a new one because I live with my grandmother, and if I end up with a new tattoo I stop getting supported by her. Meaning I'll still have a place to live, but food, gas, and all other expences are my own responcibility to deal with. That doesn't stop me from spending HOURS brousing tattoo pictures online, designing my own tattoos, deciding what would look good where on me. I cannot wait to get inked up. I currently have roughly eight tattos that I want, six of which are for sure, two are tentative. At the moment I only have one, which is actually getting covered up later. So I might as well not even have it.
Im bouncing around alot today. Bear with me here, my minds in a million places like I said before.
What Im listening to today: Alien Ant Farm's cover of Smooth Criminal by Micheal Jackson.
What I'm worring about: My stoner friends, there's a drug dog in the school parking lot.
Plans today: Buy Lil' Wayne's new album I Am Not A Human Being and go to College Night in Henderson.

Ok this has gotten a little long. I'll leave you guys with this:

An awesome album. I want to get the Deathbat on the cover tattooed on my back.
- Sparky

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

You just can't teach some people

Im responding to my pal Brooklyn's (DietBrookeWithLime) post about her weekend plans. THIS is my weekend plan:
A Bullet For Pretty Boy!
A show for some AWESOME local bands, Three of which I've seen before and love. A Bullet For Pretty Boy is releasing thier first full length CD, and I am excited.
The show is firday night. Saturday I'll either be hanging out with my babygirl (SummerRain) or going to Shreveport with some friends.
So yes, Weekend get here faster please! 

Monday, November 8, 2010

But then I get tickets for Flying High

It's Monday.
F*CK my life, it's Monday.
It's not that I dont like school, Tatum is great. It's the fact that Monday is the begining of the routine. Wake up, drive to school, First, Second, Third, Lunch, Smoke break, Fourth, Fifth, Drive home. Sometimes I get to throw "Go see Summer" in there. Normally I don't. I get so sick of doing the same thing, day after day. I know life is about routine, but I say F*ck that.
I spent the weekend in houston, got to get a few things out of my system. Got to see Kelsey, Party with some old friends, See people from my old school, hang with people Ive missed. It was alot of fun, but it was all I needed. Every now and then I start to miss my old life, and need to go live through it for a couple days to make sure I'm actually where I need to be. I am.
I've missed Summer Rain terribly. This was the first weekend that we haven't spent together in forever and it sucked. I'm hoping to see her today or tomorrow or ASAP. I'm happiest when I'm with her, there really is no substitute.
In other news, I got the lead male role in I Never Saw Another Butterfly. My school is performing it for UIL one act. I'm really excited for this show because I was in it back in '07, I played the lead girl's older brother. In that performance I cussed, got slapped, married my dream girl, and died. In the performance I give a girl food and flowers, work in a field, write poetry, and die. Honza's still an OK role, but he's kind of a panzy.
More later, it's going to an interesting week.
- Sparky

Friday, November 5, 2010

You can still get F-worded without getting M-worded

Industrial :D
Reese in the back seat
I'm on the way to Houston as we speak. Sitting in the pasenger seat of my own car. I'm about to have to get in the back cause my cousin gets car sick. Epic fail
In other news, I got a new piercing yesterday! An industrial on my left ear. It hurts like a bitch but I love it.
I can't wait to see all of my friends in Houston. I've missed my best friend Kelsey, my crew, and plenty of others. It's going to suck not seeing Summer for a whole weekend but I think it's worth it. I'll let you know if it was at the end of the weekend.  I already miss her like crazy.
- Sparky

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The chili wasn't THAT hot.

I am officially 18 years old.
I'm too young to be an adult. I still think Batman, Star Wars, and Harry Potter are cool. I still read manga and watch Dragonball Z (Only when I have nothing else to do though).
At that same time, I feel old. I've been finding myself in more and more "Role Model" positions lately. Teaching Freshmen not to suck (like thats possible), giving Summer's younger siblings an "Older guy" to hang with and look up to.
I've been shooting less and less for those big dreams I used to have. I wanted to be a rock star, or an actor. I wanted everyone to know who I was, I wanted to impact the world. I still dream, but mostly I'm thinging about what I can do now that will make sure I have food on a table that won't even exist for another 5-10 years. The future is a scary place. Can I get a few years older and then just hit "Pause"? Please?
On the plus side, I'm looking forward to getting a new piercing that I don't need a parent to sign for. I can walk into a gas station and buy a pack of cigarettes without being bothered. I can sign contracts, buy porn (Not Happening), and get into MAJOR trouble for touching any girl under the age of 17.
Happy Birthday Sparky.

Looking at previous birthdays I realize that I've changed ALOT.
This time last year I was getting into trouble (ask my Houston friends about my 17th birthday party.)
The year before that I watched President Obama get elected with my family and the girl I was seeing at the time.
The year before that I was in my goth faze, and dressed as a vampire for my Halloween birthday party.
But the point isn't really what I was doing, it's who I WAS. I changed so many times because I had no idea who I wanted to be. Now I've gotten a bit more comfortable in my own skin, Ive realized I'm a much simpler person than I once believed. Give me a night with my Girlfriend and her family, a little gift from me to me, and a weekend with some old friends, and I'll say I had the best birthday I could ask for. I don't need a wild party, or a bunch of useless gifts. A bit of cash wouldn't hurt at all though, just sayin'.

So after 18 years of putting it off, I can say I'm finally ready for the next part of my life. The part where I figure out where my life is going, and become the man I'm supposed to be. Although no matter who that man is, he will always think Batman is awesome. Good luck to me.
- Sparky