Saturday, December 11, 2010

Im in a bad enough mood to make a Happy Meal cry.

Do not FUCKING TOUCH my stuff.
I don't care if you think I'm messy or unorganized. There is method to my madness. I don't have fit into your little fucking bubble of neatness, I'm not your husband and I'm not your son. I HAD AN ORDER. There was a place for everything and I knew where it all was. It seemed chaotic to you, but I LIKE my chaos. So STAY THE FUCK OUT OF IT. I don't even mind that you wanted it a little neater. I understand that you were following up on your threat in order to "Teach me a lesson." But First of all, It wasn't gross or dirty, just unorganized. THAT'S HOW I FUCKING ROLL. Second, there are a few COMMON FUCKING SENSE things I'd like to point out. Such as:
If the fucking FISH FOOD is next to the fucking FISH TANK, LEAVE IT THERE!
If the coins are meticulously sorted into dollars, by value, and seperated from one another, LEAVE THEM THERE!
If I have silly decorations like a traffic cone in the corner, LEAVE IT THERE!
If there's a book that I'm OBVIOUSLY reading on my bed, LEAVE IT THERE!
If ALL my dirty clothes are in a pile in the corner waiting to be washed, don't make that job more tedious than it is. LEAVE THEM THERE!
Don't put the WET FUCKING BOX on the bed that I have to SLEEP IN!
If I have my wrist bands, rings, and necklaces together in one spot, don't you think that might be WHERE THEY FUCKING GO?!
There's so much more I could bitch about. You fucking DESTROYED my dis-organized organization. And just so you know, I put everything back where it belonged anyway. All you managed to do was ruin a couple boxes and find some trash that I didn't notice.
I do have to mention one more thing. This one almost put me over the edge because it showed a COMPLETE disreguard for my things and what you were doing with them (Second only to puting my Video Camera in the WET FUCKING BOX). I had a bunch of little green sticky notes that my best friend had hidden throughout the books she gave me for my birthday. I'll admit they were silly, saying sweet things like "Happy Birthday" "I miss you" and "You're awesome". But despite the sillyness they were an amazing gesture and it made my day every time I came across one. I had every single one saved on my dresser. And guess where they wound up? You got it: The wet FUCKING box. Ruined all of them. That's why you're getting a big FUCK YOU for christmas, you bimbo.

Sorry about all that, and please excuse the language. I had to vent.
I'll probably put up a happier post soon, I want to tell you all about my puppy Chronic and what I've been up to lately. Thanks for dealing with my rant, I love you guys.